Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I Get Started online after contracting with CHSS?

a.Go to - click REGISTER.
b.You will need to create a Username, Password, School Name, Your Position and Phone number. If your selected Username is already taken, you will need to create a new one.
c.You will receive a confirmation of your successful registration via email within 24-48 hours. Registration must be approved first.

2. Do I have to register on the website and on the mobile site?

No. If you have already registered online, you do Not have to re-register on the Mobile site.

3. How do I Login or Logout?

Mobile Site: Click the Login/Logout Button at the top of the screen to login or logout of your session. *(Click REMEMBER ME for easier access)

4. How do I Create an Order?

Log in with your confirmed Username and Password, click GET A SUB. Enter the required fields: Dates, Start/Finish time, Subject, Special Instructions or Comments (Optional). Click SUBMIT ORDER.

5. How do I View my Orders?

After logging in, click "ORDER REPORT" - Browse through the calendar for the orders you want to view. Click on the order to view the details.

6. How do I Edit or Cancel my Order?

Click on ORDER REPORT. Select your order from the Calendar to view.
a. If an order has already been completed, you will have the CONFIRM button.
b. To send feedback or make changes to your order, select the order and use the box under the order's detail to submit your feedback/changes.
c. To Cancel an order, select the order and click on CANCEL and Confirm.
*You can only cancel orders that have not already been completed.

7. How do I give someone from my School access to my Orders?

Each person from your school that can create or edit Orders should register separately. This will allow a smoother verification process and offer details if there are changes or questions regarding an order.