About Us

Our Mission

To serve our community schools well by putting local highly qualified talented teachers to work. We are an academic group that is committed to being the best, and above all committed to getting improved academic results from students under our supervision.

Who We Are

CHSS Subs is a division of Charter School Services, LLC(CHSS). CHSS Subs is an academic assistance organization with a full range of academic services for schools, individuals and communities. Specifically, CHSS Subs supplies academic staff needs to schools. We are a small company that takes pride in filling a big need. We are Subs That Teach. We do not boast or profess to be all things to all schools; but rather we remain small to better focus on the needs of our clients ensuring quality of services. CHSS Subs has a unique team of instructors and educators with a broad range of experiences, perspectives and training.

Some schools have told us that our instructors have a natural affinity toward teaching and getting young people to take ownership of the lessons they are teaching. And above all else, CHSS Subs relates very well to our youth.